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Investment fund is looking for a trader in Moscow!!!

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A rapidly developing investment fund is looking for a trader for realization of trades on global markets (mostly DMs).
Responsibilities include:
• Assist analysts with pre-trade checks including price confirmation and technical analysis
• Assist in structuring trades using different instruments to optimize risk/reward parameters
• Monitor existing positions and coordinate execution with analysts and portfolio managers
• Perform post-trade functions including confirmation and reporting
• Execute daily cash and position reconciliations
• Monitor all daily Futures/ OTC/etc. collateral margin and book collateral movements
• For every security that our team will analyze or consider, trader will pre-check it from technical perspective report on it in order for analyst to gauge timing and priority of the analysis
• Monitoring investor sentiment, flows, positions incl. CFTC reports, interbank position (discussing with ex-colleagues) etc.
• We have multiple trading accounts and eventually will have a custodian. Work with our custodians to ensure settlement of trades and communicate with our counterparties to resolve any discrepancies
• Implement and track currency hedges as needed
• Manage inter/intra day-trading proprietary position that can grow if successful
• Monthly Cash management implementation and monitoring
• Advise Quant team from time to time on trading algorithm designs
• Other department projects and functions
• Readiness for long and flexible hours dependent on liquidity of relevant markets
• Must be organized and have strong attention to detail
• High level of efficiency and ability to multi-task under pressure
• Demonstrated quantitative aptitude
• Experience in all asset classes including equity, bonds, derivatives, fx, swaps
• Fluent English is a must (oral is especially important)
• Recommendations
Please send CV on email:

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